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                Anhai complete Galvanizing Equipment Co., Ltd is professional manufacture enterprise, which is specialized in hot-dip galvanizing lines production; it integrates R&D, manufacture, installation, commissioning and personnel training together. It is the technology, service, and products expansion of Chinese hot-dip galvanizing cattle manufacture leader - Anhai Galvanizing Equipment Co.,Ltd.
                Based on years’ technical services and practices of steel structure hot-dip galvanizing, combing with the advanced technology of hot-dip galvanizing lines in foreign countries in recent years, our company has designed and developed the hot-dip galvanizing lines and complete equipment. Additionally, we can also provide comprehensive, normative, advanced technical service for galvanizing.
                Combined with advanced international hot-dip galvanizing technology and the practical domestic production experience, with the “Anhai Zinc-kettles” consistent high quality, reliable production and service spirit, “Anhai Complete Galvanizing Equipment Co., Ltd ” will wholeheartedly to serve for vast numbers of domestic and foreign customers.
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            Address:Anshan City Qianshan District Datun Town
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